The progress and prosperity of every nation depends entirely upon the health status of its members. Absence of hospitals, acute shortage of medicines and necessary equipments, roads, transport, employment opportunities and excessive mental and physical exertion and social problems lead to mental disorders and physical ailments. One of the SGA’s earliest and longest running projects is organizing medical camps. These camps relate to the frequent and common occurrence of eye and skin diseases in the region. Organized with the assistance of the Society for the Prevention and Cure of Blindness (Karachi) and the Welfare Association of Dermatology Patients (Karachi), made up for the lack of appropriate health care facilities in the villages and smaller towns in Sindh. While SGA’s free eye and skin-care camps continued, a new emergency care center (YASMEC) targeted a hazardous highway zone, and extremely successful weekly ‘Juma’ clinics were upgraded and turned into permanent Mother-Child Care centers through the involvement of local communities. A free SGA ambulance service addressed the lack of transport for the accessibility of medical facilities in Sindh.  A full time medical center at Pano Aqil (Al-Shams Hospital and Charitable Clinic) under the supervision of SGA Pano Aqil Branch also caters the health needs of the locality successfully.

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