Dr Yasmeen Shaikh Emergency Medical Center (YASMEC), Nooriabad

Dr. Yasmeen Shaikh Memorial Emergency Medical Centre (YASMEC) was established on 10th September 1993 by Sindh Graduates Association (SGA), in the memory of late Dr. Yasmeen Shaikh, daughter of Dr. Suleman Shaikh, she lost her life on 19th November 1992 in a road accident on super highway near Nooriabad. YASMEC is a Non-Profit Voluntary & Charitable Health Centre established for the promotion of Health facilities on super highway, industrial area of Nooriabad and the arid zone of Khirthar. YASMEC is situated in the south of main super highway (92 km from Karachi) adjacent to union Council Sari’s office. It is 200 meter away from road and spread over 56,000 square feet. The Centre has been established in the building of basic health unit which was handed-over by the Sindh Government to the Association on 10th September 1993. At the time of taking over the possession of building, there was no activity of health services, keeping the abandoned hospital like ghost house. The windows and doors of building were broken, water supply and electricity of the building was dis-connected. The building was just like ruins of ancient times. The Association had undertaken major repairs and renovated the hospital including residential bungalows and quarters of medical and para-medical staff. Besides, the additional building for laboratories and Operation Theater has been constructed.   YASMEC is situated at mid-way between Hyderabad and Karachi super highway. It is the only emergency medical center on the highway from Hyderabad to Karachi, which covers all type of traumas, road traffic accidents, industrial workers and local people of the area. YASMEC emergency center is providing round the clock Health care facilities, emergency care and EPI Program to about one million of population, spreading at vicinity of more than 100 villages and 60 industrial units. Road traffic accidents are treated free of cost while a meager amount of Rs. 30/- per patient are charged from other cases.  

i) Target Beneficiaries

YASMEC is serving round the clock. Most of the beneficiaries are poor and needy. It provides 24 hour services to:
  • Injured passengers and drivers of road traffic accidents.
  • Injured or sick workers of Nooriabad Industrial Area.
  • Poor patients of Kohistan Area. (Union Council Sari and Kalo Khohar)

ii) Facilities available at YASMEC

  At this time YASMEC is providing the following facilities:
a. Emergency Services
Emergency medical and surgical services are provided round the clock. Centre has all the lifesaving drugs and other needed medicines, oxygen, suction unit etc. every emergency patient is served within few minutes. Most of the lives are saved due to emergency facilities.  
b. General Ward
Centre has a general ward, which accepts patients round the clock. Initially 3 beds are installed. The road traffic accidents patients and various other patients are admitted for 1 to 3 days. Every patient gets all the treatment facilities and medicines free of charge.
c. Intensive Care Unit
Two beded intensive care unit equipped with monitors and oxygen therapy unit is present for any emergency.
d. Operation Theater
An Air-conditioned operation theater is working round the clock. It has facilities for minor surgery. A large stock of oxygen cylinders is also present.
e. Out-door Patients Service
YASMEC runs its O.P.D. services from 8:00 a.m. daily all days (holidays included). Patients come from far flung area of Kohistan& Industrial areas of Nooriabad. A sum of Rs. 30/= is charged for registration fee while all the medicines are given free of cost every patient is provided the medicine for 3 days. A disposable syringe is used for only one patient. Drug samples are used in the dispensary. Health education is imparted during O.P.D. timings to patients.
f. EPI Centre
Immunization and vaccination facilities have been started from 2003. For this purpose the Health Department of Government of Sindh provides medicine of EPI center of YASMEC, however, the services of vaccinator are being provided by SGA staff.  

Immunization Report of the EPI Centre from 2003 to 2012 is given as under


Status of Health Care Services at YASMEC during the year 2013 – 2014


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